Future Opportunities


166 Main Street

North Haven Sustainable Housing is re-selling 166 Main Street to a qualified year-round resident. The house is a three-bedroom, one-bath year-round historic island home. Some renovation and insulation work is being done this spring, but the house will be ready for sale by June. NHSH will prioritize buyers who have lived on North Haven for at least two years, who can utilize the full house, meet NHSH income guidelines, and be able to show evidence of financing and ability to close. Property will come with a covenant to ensure, if the property is re-sold, it remains in the year-round community. Deadline for applications is 5pm on April 19, 2018 (for online applications or postmarked by April 19th). You may apply online or pick up an application at the town office and return it via the mail to NHSH at PO Box 373, North Haven, ME 04853.


Second, on the South Shore Road, North Haven Sustainable Housing has acquired 11.3 acres of developable land as an extremely generous gift from Chris, Jay and William Pingree. In 2018 we hope to develop a plan for development, undertake the permitting process for a small subdivision, and explore options for construction of highly efficient but affordable small family homes. The image below shows the property on the lower right.


South Shore Road

A North Haven Sustainable Housing mutli-home development project.