Is your house as warm and efficient to heat as you’d like?

Day after day of below zero cold weather this winter has reminded so many of us that our houses need more insulation and air sealing. Even new houses can have air leaks and insulation gaps. North Haven Sustainable Housing (NHSH) is offering weatherization and efficiency upgrades for island homeowners with the help of a new contractor, Penobscot Home Performance, to offer:

  • Energy audits and home air sealing
  • Basement spray foam
  • Attic and wall insulation with cellulose
  • Basement vapor barriers and drainage work
  • Heat pump installation

click here TO sign up for a free consultation to be scheduled in early march.


Creating efficient, sustainable housing for the North Haven community.

North Haven Sustainable Housing is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing affordable year-round housing for the residents of North Haven, an island off the coast of Maine. Since 2006, NHSH has housed four island families through renovation and new construction as well as auditing and winterizing nearly fifty homes throughout the community, as of Spring of 2015.  NHSH also has partnered with Southern Harbor Eldercare Services, serving as their fiscal agent and working in collaboration to develop an Adult Family Care facility to serve the long-term care needs of our elders.  There is an ongoing need for housing on North Haven and NHSH is focused on helping to fill that need.