Creating efficient, sustainable housing for the North Haven community.

North Haven Sustainable Housing is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing affordable year-round housing for the residents of North Haven, an island off the coast of Maine. Since 2006, NHSH has housed six island families through new construction, rentals, and brokering sales. We have also coordinated energy audits and efficiency upgrades for nearly fifty homes throughout the community. All our properties that have been sold contain covenants that require they remain in the year-round community when resold.  Our largest project to date is Southern Harbor House, which is a multi-year partnership with Southern Harbor Eldercare Services to develop an Adult Family Care facility to serve the long-term care needs of our island elders, opening in the spring of 2018. That project also includes a two-bedroom apartment to support staff rental needs. Families and individuals continue to contact North Haven Sustainable Housing about their need for rental and affordable ownership options and we are committed to continuing to create more opportunities for housing for year-round residents. A recent donation of 11.3 acres of land on the South Shore Road by a generous families has opened up a new opportunity for that work for North Haven Sustainable Housing in 2018 and the coming years.